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Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs a Responsive Website in 2023

It is highly unlikely that you are still using the same mobile phone you had when you first launched your website. The reason is that technology constantly advances and changes. For instance, if you were still using an iPhone 5, it would be unable to run various apps, have a cracked screen, and the battery would probably not hold a charge. Additionally, this model has been discontinued since 2013, making it almost impossible to get it fixed.

Your website needs an update just like how an old phone needs to be replaced. Though you might still have it, it might not be of much use in getting your work done. With changing coding practices, your website’s outdated design and technical structure could be a hindrance to your business.
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Responsive vs. Non-Responsive Websites

The company Corrugated Metals specializes in producing roll-forming and corrugated metal products. It was looking to enhance its digital marketing approach to acquire leads that fit its requirements better. They aimed to target a particular industry to improve their sales potential in the long term. Their strategy’s initial step was to revamp their website, which was hindering the growth of their brand as it wasn’t generating leads.

Here’s a picture of the site before it was redesigned.

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Non-responsive websites can cause difficulties for users trying to access your content from various devices. The design may not adjust appropriately to different screen sizes, images may fail to load, or some content may fail to render correctly on mobile devices.

Young Caesar Marketing Services has helped many clients like Corrugated Metals enhance their websites and online marketing strategies through lead generation, SEO tactics, and digital advertising.

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According to Ken Carlton, the VP at Corrugated Metals, after going responsive, the company achieved a new record for the number of quotes requested in the first quarter, with a 197% increase from the year before. Furthermore, the average value of quotes grew, and the company received many more orders on the same day. The company’s sales team was very pleased with the high number of qualified leads generated.

A partnership with Young Caesar can bring a powerful change in the way you market your manufacturing business.

B2B industrial Buyers Don’t Like Non-Responsive Sites

Corrugated Metals is focusing its marketing efforts on individuals who are familiar with digital technology and are joining the industrial sector. Nowadays, many engineers, buyers, and MROs have grown up using phones and tablets. They expect B2B websites to have the same user-friendly design as the personal websites they use every day for other purposes. If unsatisfied with your website, they may lose faith in your company and switch to a competitor.

You can contribute to the growth of your business by investing wisely in products, processes, and equipment. You can ensure that your manufacturing company remains at the forefront of the market. It is vital to create a positive first impression for potential customers to open doors for future opportunities.

Why Manufacturers Need Responsive Websites In 2023

If you want to improve your chances of being chosen as a supplier by site users, ensure that they can easily assess your products or abilities online. Remember that buyers usually make 70% of their decisions before they even reach out to you. So, if they are already on your site, you have an opportunity to be selected as a supplier.

To avoid losing potential partners, ensure your website is user-friendly and your information is easy to assess. According to a recent survey on the search habits of industrial buyers, 40% of respondents stated that the overall quality and experience of using a supplier’s website can influence whether or not they choose to partner with that specific supplier. View the complete survey results.
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Slow Loading Can Cause Potential Customers to Abandon Your Site

Just like you, your customers don’t enjoy waiting to have their questions answered. Older websites aren’t designed to take advantage of the latest browser advancements or coding options. Your website may be still using an architecture that loads components individually and needs several server requests to show all content. This means that it may not be very efficient.

There are new websites that enhance how quickly a browser displays content. They achieve this by speeding up the process through which the source code for pages loads and consolidating server requests. This results in reduced waiting time for users and faster display of desired information. Having fast-loading pages not only satisfies users but also signals to search engines that your website is a high-quality site.

Mobile First is Google’s Priority For Ranking Websites

Mobile-first indexing is now a priority for search engines, meaning they assess how your website’s pages render on mobile devices before the desktop version during indexing.

They check for ease of use, navigation, loading speed, and clickability for users. Sites without a mobile version are automatically devalued, as seen with older sites. The solution is to design a truly responsive website that renders pages equally well on all devices and screen sizes for the ultimate user experience.

In 2023, Google’s algorithm updates prioritize websites that offer an excellent experience to visitors. Failing to do so could result in a lower ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The lower your ranking in SERPs – the harder it is for potential customers to discover your website.

Stay Ahead of Competitors With a Fully Responsive Website

In recent years, over half of website traffic (53%) originated from mobile devices, and mobile searches have increased by 222% in the last 7 years. This trend is expected to continue, meaning delaying updating your site will only put you at a disadvantage compared to your competition.

14b7964d 9ec4 44de 940e 00a37fa59482To assess where you stand against competitors and identify areas for improvement, request your free website health check from Young Caesar.

Reap the Benefits of a Responsive Website for Your Manufacturing Company

Are you a manufacturer that wants to grow and compete with others? Then, it’s important to have a responsive website that meets the needs of customers, prospects, and search engines. Young Caesar can assist you in creating a new website, as we have experience building over 6,000 websites for clients operating in the manufacturing sector.

You can contact our team to begin the process of redesigning your website. Also, we have more marketing ideas and inspiration available for you to explore – check out our blog!